Dea + me

To see beauty, like the leaf or a flower – that’s enough.

Dea is Latin for goddess and the name brings you, as wearer, and the divine closer together. Dea & Me are brightful things representing the preciousness of the world we live in. Wearing her is a reminder of the five elements of metal, wood, water, earth and air; the circle of life and death and the simple truth we are all connected.

9ct gold and silver is forged, hammered, sandcast or fused together with natural and repurposed objects so that it finds its own path to becoming something new and individual. This ritual creates a symbol to live by and connect with whenever you wear her. Precious gemstones, in a rainbow of colours, shapes and finishes, add sparkle and magic and recycled metals make everything ethical.

Each and every piece, handcrafted to the highest standards, is a beloved reminder of the Feminine and infused with the intention of connectivity with our beautiful planet Earth.